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NOTICE! We are working on a way to get our products shipped directly from the USA. For now, our products are shipping from OVERSEAS. This allows us to give you the great FREE Shipping you expect, but it comes at a cost. Our shipping times are expected to be between 2 to 4 weeks. Please plan ahead when ordering from Python Ridge. Be patient and your products will arrive to you. Its a guarantee!

Thank you for taking an interest in Python Ridge.

Python Ridge was created to provide outdoor equipment and apparel for outdoor enthusiasts that expect more from their gear. We know our customers are tough, so we aim to create a lifestyle for them that matches their level of dedication to the outdoors.

We here at Python Ridge are avid outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for nature. We love everything about the great outdoors. Python Ridge was created through that passion and want to bring our passion for high quality products to awesome people like you. These gadgets can make your outdoors adventures easier and more enjoyable. We want Python Ridge to represent a lifestyle for many and an image of how people feel about their love for nature and outdoor activities.

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