2 Person Ultralight Camping Cookware Set

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2 Person Ultralight Camping Cookware Set

Delicious Camping Awaits.

Camping food options don't have to be limited. Pancakes, Omelettes, French Toast, Oatmeal, Hash Browns, Grilled Cheese, Pasta, Tacos... All of these mouth watering dishes can become reality when you've got the right camping cookware. Waking up to the soothing sounds of nature and the smell of your favorite dish is the perfect way for any outdoor enthusiast to start their day.

The 2 Person Ultralight Camping Cookware Set is perfect for backpackers and camping couples who want to prepare any delicious dish with ease. Featuring a non-stick coating and folding silicone handles, this cookware set is a must have to any camping lover's arsenal.

Includes everything you see in pictures:

  • Deep non-stick cooking pot
  • Shallow non-stick cooking pot
  • Convenient carrying bag


A non-stick coating allows the set to be used without cooking spray. Just add heat and cook!

A folding handle with silicon cover prevents you from being burned. The grip is comfortable and ergonomic.

Lightweight folding handle and modular design allows for easy storage and travel. Perfect for single person or 2 person use.

Can easily be stored on the inside or on the outside of your backpack or frame pack.

How To Use

Used along with the Tomshoo Titanium Wood Fuel Stove and a fire starter or lighter, you will have everything you need to prepare delicious meals during your adventure. Simply remove the pots from the carrying bag, unfold the handle and they are ready for use.

We recommend cleaning the pots before storage to keep them clean and lasting longer.


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