Bijia 10-120X80 High Magnification Professional Hunting Binoculars

Bijia 10-120X80 High Magnification Professional Hunting Binoculars

High Performance-price Ratio


This product provides lots of choices for the magnification. You can adjust to high magnification, middle magnification easily.  BAK4 High-Quality Prism.BAK4's refraction index is higher than BAK7 glass, which can increase the light transmission rate. With new integrated humanization design eyewear, there is no need to worry about the vision of the black circle and the eyelash touching the lens if you wear glasses.

As we all know, high magnification must be large diameter.50-60-caliber is as the astronomical levels with excellent clarity. Although the small-diameter telescope is easy to bring, the clarity of the image is worse than the large-diameter. Because the aperture size determines the telescope's light.More light, which means more clarity and larger view!




HD ZOOM, HD SERIES:Diameter is 50mm, which guarantee high definition. You can adjust to high magnification, middle magnification easily and enjoy the amazing scenery. The optical blue film provides high transmittance and strong reflection light and clear image.

HD AND ZOOM: Zoom helps change magnification through within complex lens group. Above picture through a telescope at 10 times, 20 times and 30 times.

High Magnification, Zoom: Shorten the distance = actual distance/magnification, rate determines how far the telescope can see. This telescope's maximum magnification is 120 times, which belongs to professional-grade handheld telescopes.


How to use zoom binoculars properly

Step 1: Observe posture: hold the telescope with both hands and watch the target at about 100 meters. (the eyepiece should be about 1cm away from the eye)

Step 2: Observe the left eyepiece with the left eye, and use the right forefinger to turn the central roller until the left eye is clear.

Step 3: Observe the right eyepiece with the right eye, turn the right eyepiece wheel (right eyepiece) until the right eye is clear.

Step 4: Adjust the eyes clearly, then fine-tune them. For viewing different distances, only the central roller needs to be adjusted, while the right eye does not need to be adjusted.

Step 5: Adjust the right eye multiples bar change the different multiples.



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