FervorFOX Super Warm Emergency Survival Blankets

FervorFOX Super Warm Emergency Survival Blanket

Endure any storm.

When an emergency situation arises, being prepared can mean the difference between not getting any sleep and being miserable - or surviving the night in comfort. The FervorFOX Super Warm Emergency Survival Blanket is a MUST HAVE addition to any outdoor enthusiasts collection. These thermal blankets are made from space age materials that are ultra lightweight and flexible. You will be provided with personal protection against the harsh elements such as rain, wind, heat and cold. The thermal properties of the blanket deflect heat and can offset hypothermia.

Comes with 4 blankets!

Select quantity of 3 for a total of 12 blankets and more savings.

The whole family can be prepared in emergency situations. Or you can double up on blankets for extra insulation. These are the ideal emergency gear to keep in your car, backpack, or bug-out-bag. At this affordable price they are guaranteed to be a valuable addition to your kit.


Your family will never worry about being cold again in emergency situations. Getting stranded in a storm doesn't have to be a stressful situation. Just bundle up with your thermal blanket and survive the night in comfort.

If you go camping and someone forgets their sleeping bag, they will still be able to have a comfortable night.

Or use this in addition to a sleeping bag for added warmth and comfort.

How To Use

ALWAYSkeep these blankets in your emergency kits. Keep the blankets wrapped in the packaging until ready for use. When an emergency situation arises, remove the blankets from the package and BUNDLE UP. It's that simple! Make sure to dispose of the blanket after emergency situation. These blankets are safe to recycle. It is recommended to have more than 1 blanket per person.


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