Icoco INFITE LED Crank Flashlight

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Icoco INFITE LED Crank Flashlight

Human Powered Flashlight.

These LED crank flashlights are amazing!

These flashlight have a built in battery that is powered by a hand crank. No need to charge or replace the battery! The Icoco INFITE LED Crank Flashlight lasts for up to 100,000 hours of cranking charge. That is over 11 years of battery life - All you have to do is crank the battery when the light goes out for infinite power. Perfect for emergency situations and as a backup camping or hunting flashlight.

You will love how easy this flashlight is to use! A 30 seconds pump will give you 15 minutes of charge time. 60 seconds of pumping will get you 25 minutes of charge time.

The visibility distance is 15 feet with an ultra bright LED light. The shock resistant ABS shell can withstand light impact, so you don't need to worry about damaging the flashlight during use.

3 modes for convenience: high beam, medium beam, and low beam.


This is the perfect emergency and outdoor flashlight! Just pump the flashlight for an infinite light source. Never be without light again!

This flashlight is ideal for:

  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Hiking
  • Emergency Use

3 modes give you the options to illuminate your environment with the ideal amount of light.

This flashlight has a durable ABS plastic shell that only weighs 73g. It is both lightweight and durable to last longer and for ease of use.

How To Use

This flashlight can be pumped for 30 seconds to give you 15 minutes of usage time or for 60 seconds for up to 25 minutes of usage time. When the long life internal battery is drained, simply pump the flashlight again for more use.

Notice: This flashlight may be shipped with either a red, blue, or yellow shell.


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