Leliten LED Pen Flashlight

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Leliten LED Pen Flashlight

Ultra Bright Reliable Light.

The perfect flashlight. Small, lightweight and EXTREMELY bright LED bulbs mean the Leliten LED Pen Flashlight is a top choice for lighting dark areas. Conveniently takes just 1 AAA battery and lasts extra long due to battery saving LED technology.

This flashlight is also life waterproof, meaning it can be used in the rain and mild conditions. When you are backpacking every gram counts. This flashlight weighs in at less than an ounce and has a convenient clip for easy carrying and storage. It measures less than 5 inches long with a stylish pen-like design and is extremely portable.

This flashlight is brighter than a car headlight!


Ultra compact design gives this pen-like flashlight an adventage when it comes to portability.

Simple click and use interface is easy to use.

Long lasting single AAA battery and mild weather proof functionality make this flashlight usable in a variety of situations.

Stylish design is Python Ridge Lifestyle approved.

Extra long range 50 meter lighting distance is useful for a variety of situations.

How To Use

This flashlight is extremely easy to use. Simply insert one AAA battery and press the back button to turn on and off. The beam size cannot be adjusted.

Battery not included.