Multi-Purpose Split Ring Pliers

Multi-Purpose Split Ring Pliers

Tactical Pliers For A Variety Of Uses.

These are more than your usual Split Ring Pliers. Multi-functional and ultra compact, these split ring pliers make it easy to get your fishing line job done quickly. A good set of Split Ring Pliers are designed to replace treble hooks for fishing enthusiasts, but these can be used for a variety of situations.

A variety of uses for casual and serious fishing enthusiasts alike:

  1. Standard Split Ring Hook
  2. Scissor Edge for Cutting
  3. Flat Bill for Pressing Metal

The Multi-Purpose Split Ring Pliers are built of higher quality and tolerances than standard split ring pliers. Built to last and accurate machining make for better pliers. You'll love how convenient these make your fishing trip!


Ultra compact making the pliers easier to take off the split ring.

Designed with high quality stainless steel materials are ultra durable and long lasting.

Multi-functional pliers are good for a variety of uses, meaning less tools you need to carry.

How To Use

Replacing treble hooks is easy and convenient with the Mutli-Purpose Fishing Pliers. We recommend that you consult a fishing expert or enthusiast on how to use split ring pliers. You can also consult an online video.

Notice: These Split Ring Pliers come with a random color carabiner.



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