Python Ridge Aluminum Molle Survival Whistle

Python Ridge Aluminum Molle Survival Whistle

Help is just a whistle away.

Imagine you are enjoying your day hiking alone through the lush forest, following the beautiful winding trails and enjoying the sounds of nature.

Everything feels just like a normal hike, only this time you are feeling more adventurous than usual and walk off the beaten path.

The trail disappears, and now you can't see the sun. Your compass won't help because you're not sure which direction you left from. You feel a sense of panic overwhelm you.

If only you had a survival whistle.

You can't imagine how many people die because they get lost in the woods and can't get help. Don't let this be you or your loved one.

When you need to be heard, the Python Ridge Aluminum Molle Survival Whistle is the BEST way to get attention at 150 decibels of screeching treble sound. This whistle is a universal sign for distress, meaning there is a better chance someone will come to your aid. The stylish, rugged design will accentuate your gear and stand out. Made from a durable aluminum that is fade resistant. This whistle was built to work in a variety of harsh conditions.

Available in Grey or Silver. Select your color from the drop down menu.


You can't always rely on a cell phone to call for help is secluded areas. A compass is an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts but is difficult to use. A survival whistle is the easiest way to be heard and get rescued. Hopefully you never need to use one, but you should have a whistle at all times as an emergency.

The stylish, rugged design of the Python Ridge Aluminum Molle Survival Whistle will appeal to you if you don't like the look of bright orange whistles. This whistle has more function and more style than standard whistles, at a price that just makes sense.

This whistle is designed to work in harsh conditions: Be heard even during a storm when you need it most.

How To Use

This whistle includes a key ring so you can keep it close at all times. Store inside your backpack or bug-out-bag in case of emergency. When times are tough and you feel alone and helpless, stay calm, remain in one place and blow the whistle THREE TIMES for THREE SECONDS EACH. This is the universal distress signal you should use that will be recognized and get you help.


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