Lolo Tour BUG FREE Camping Hammock

Lolo Tour BUG FREE Camping Hammock

Bug Free Relaxation At Its Finest.

The great outdoors have one major annoyance: BUGS. Mosquitoes are an irritating part of nature that every outdoor enthusiast hates, but has to deal with the do the things you love. No camping setup is complete without a proper hammock.

Introducing theLolo Tour BUG FREE Camping Hammock. This is the ultimate solution for outdoor enthusiasts that live in areas with an abundance of mosquitoes, gnats, ticks or any unwanted flying guest. This hammock provides essential coverage that standard hammocks lack so you can enjoy the day without worrying about bugs.

The fine BUG FREE mesh cover is breathable enough for airflow yet tiny enough to not allow insects through. The net is removable so the hammock can transform into a standard hammock. Includes a convenient inner storage pouch for your smartphone, keys, books or other small items to enjoy while you relax. The parachute cloth is both durable and ultra soft to the touch.

Comes with everything you need to enjoy your day of relaxation:

  • Hammock
  • BUG FREE Net
  • Carrying Bag
  • 2x Fastening Hooks
  • Secure Color Matching Paracord Straps

Available in 17 great colors! Pick yours from the drop down menu.


The BUG FREE mesh cover provides unmatched coverage from unwanted insects. Avoid the common annoyance standard hammocks all share and relax to the max.

Hammocks are the ultimate way to enjoy the outdoors during down time at the camp.

Hammock Camping is a relaxing alternative to tents these days. There are Hammock Campers that claim they get a better nights sleep with a hammock.

Easy to set up! The net is easy to install and this set comes with everything you need to start relaxing. Standard hammock setup required.

How To Use

The Lolo Tour BUG FREE Camping Hammock is set up like any standard hammock. Take the hammock, net, hooks, and paracord out of the bag and continue with standard hammock setup. We recommend consulting someone who knows how to set up a hammock or online videos for proper hammock setup.

The BUG FREE Net is strapped around the tree similar to the hammock, and zips up into the hammock at the sides to completely close up. You can unzip the side to enter and exit the enclosed hammock.

This hammock is intended for single person use.

Does not include tarp.


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