Python Ridge PENTRA Camo Hunting Poncho Raincoat

Python Ridge PENTRA Camo Hunting Poncho Raincoat

Ultra lightweight and extremely durable raincoat

This ripstop poncho is 100% waterproof and called ripstop because of the special weave that runs through the material. It's originally a military designed material weave that is used in many fabrics and applications. It also allows the material to be lighter without losing any strength.

A multi-function item has eyelets on the hem for use as a shelter or ground sheet, and press stud poppers on the sides allowing you to use it as a sleeping bag cover or even a poncho. The poppers allow "sleeves" to be formed so you can still handle equipment easily. Although with similar properties and pattern this item is not made of a genuine A-TACS fabric.


MULTIFUNCTION – not only can be used as a poncho on rainy days for hiking, hunting, fishing, also can be used as a sunshade, tent, blanket, groundsheet.

HIGH QUALITY - made from Rip-stop waterproof polyester and nylon material, it is durable, non-ageing and tear resistant.

NECK ZIPPER DESIGN - the zippered hood made it very easy to take on and off, also made it suitable for all people's head size.

5 Ways to Use a Poncho for Survival

1. Build a waterproof shelter: During an emergency, you may need to seek shelter quickly if you see a storm looming overhead. With a piece of paracord or rope, a few stakes, and your poncho, you can build a variety of shelters to keep you dry in a rainstorm.

2. Collect rainwater to drink: Depending on how long your emergency lasts, you may run out of the water, and if you aren’t anywhere near a water source, a rain catcher might just save your life. Before a rainstorm hits, lay your poncho either in a hole or other low spot to create a basin. As the rain pours, your poncho will collect the clean, cool water for you to drink later.

3. Emergency Heat: Wind is a natural enemy to heat—especially if you’re in an emergency trying to stay warm with what little you have. Wearing a poncho not only keeps you dry but can act as a windbreak so you can stay a bit warmer, too.

4. Ground tarp: During long backpacking trips, sleeping on the ground is rarely fun, but if you’re wet at the same time, then it never is. On dry nights when a dew layers the ground, a poncho is a great way to separate you from the moisture as you lay down to sleep or even just rest. Just lay your sleeping bag out on top of the poncho and the poncho will act as a moisture barrier between you and the dewy ground.

5. Rain fly for your gear: Camping and hiking adventures are often complemented by light sprinkles of rain or downpours. If you have excess gear sitting outside your tent or camper, a poncho is a great way to keep your gear dry while you take refuge inside.


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