Python Ridge Stainless Steel Survival Wire Saw (Soft Hand Grips)

Python Ridge Stainless Steel Survival Wire Saw (Steel Ring Grips)

Wire Saw Outdoor Emergency Rescue Gear Kit

Have you been tired of the endless home staying or office business?
Our wire saws will bring you a chance to experience a different outdoor survival. Come and join us! Take on your backpack and enjoy your outdoor adventure.

Python Ridge Stainless Steel Survival Wire Saw,all steel wire manufacturing! The handle can be rotated 360 degrees, older than the handle can't be a lot of flexibility, and better hair force. Do not underestimate this thin wire, it's cutting ability is very strong, in addition to metal, it can quickly cut hard to cut any object! It's made of superior 4 Strands stainless steel wire rope winding.


Security:With two rings and 360-degree rotational band at the end, it's safe for hand and cloth, could use vegetable oil for maintenance.

Features:Good quality, sharp cutting edge, small size, lightweight, easy to carry, is a good tool for the survival of the field. Can be used to cut wood plastic rubber soft metal and other materials.

Wide application:360-degree swivel points for easy handling, Can be used for cutting wood (no more than 3 inches), plastic, bone, rubber and soft metal.

Easy to carry:Small size, lightweight, flexible.Perfect in your backpack for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities survival tool.

Usage Tips

With one hand: Firstly cut a thumb size branch that is 10cm longer than the saw itself. Then cut a V pattern on the two ends of the branch, put one ring in one V, and bend the branch, then the other ring in the other V, you can get a bow-like saw.

With two hands: put your thumbs in the rings at the ends, tighten and move back and forth.


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