Python Ridge Collapsible Fly Fishing Wading Staff

Python Ridge Collapsible Fly Fishing Wading Staff

Fly Fishing Wading Stick

A great stick for increased stability when wading in a fast stream of water, climbing the banks of a river or walking on the ground.A Fly Fishing wading Stickis more or less a well thought out walking stick. It folds easily to fit into the included nylon belt pouch.

While any old stick could help you cross a river, having a dedicated and packable tool to do the job will ensure you are always safe and reduces your risk of slipping. Typically, they are designed for fly fishingare collapsible in some way or another, allowing them to pack away or clip to your vest.


Stability in Slippery Conditions-When walking in streams or rivers, the view of your feet is often obscured, rocks are irregular and slick, and having two points of contact with the ground at all times is key. Without a wading staff, you are left with only one balance point (grounded foot) at a time. Either that or a painlessly slow shuffle.

Reduce Fatigue -When both hiking and wading in the stream, a wading or hiking staff will reduce fatigue. It will allow your arms to take some of the power required for moving. Additionally, the increase in balance will reduce fatigue on your core and balance muscles.

Navigate Underwater Obstacles -In some water conditions, you may not be able to see where you are putting your feet or what is in front of you at all. Having a wading staff will allow you to poke and prod ahead to see what is next. You don’t want to inadvertently step over a drop-off or into a root wad.

How To Use

1. Unfold the wading staff from the neoprene sheath.
2. Hold the staff in the vertical position so that all the segments are connected andaligned, starting from the bottom.
3. Hold the third and fourth segments in a straight, vertical line with one hand; use
the other hand to pull upwards, holding onto the handgrip.
4. Once you hear a click or see the retention pin pop out, the wading staff iscompletely deployed; once it is deployed, you can attach the supplierrock/snow claw, rubber tip, or both over the carbide tip.


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