Python Ridge Premium Aerial Tent

Python Ridge Premium Aerial Tent

Lightweight Two Person Backpacking Tent

The Python Ridge Premium Aerial Tent is a lightweight one-person backpacking tent that is large for its weight. The Premium Aerial Tent can be set up quickly using the stakes provided and two trekking poles, sold separately. This tent also has two mesh vents on the sidewalls and a vestibule in the front, providing a convenient place to store your bag and other items while backpacking.

This Python Ridge Premium Aerial Tent is the company's newly developed tunnel-type mosquito net + hammock + waterproof hood integrated design, fully considering the convenience and practicality of outdoor use, in addition to providing a comfortable sleep, it also has the functions of windproof, waterproof and mosquito-proof.This hammock tent is a new type of aerial off-ground tent that has obtained national patents.


Mosquito Net -The Mosquito Net keeps mosquitos and insects away from you. Because of the tension of aluminium alloy poles, which expanding the space of the hammock, there is no sense of urgency as the ordinary hammock when you use the mosquito net. ( The mosquito net is optional, when not using, just hang upside down! )

Rain Cover -This hammock with rain cover providing generous protection from wind and rain, and the long hem of the outer tent is designed to prevent the rain into the hammock.

Breathable - The distance between the outer tent and hammock is more than 20 cm, ensure air circulation and not stuffy.

Great Ventilation -With a mesh front door and two side vents this tent will help reduce condensation and provide you with plenty of fresh air, making this tent a great choice for camping in warmer environments.



It’s a great gear for people with outdoorsy attributes as they can easily carry it along while travelling, camping, hiking etc. You can easily set it up with minimal effort required in your backyard, beaches, parks so that your memories can be further beautified while spending time with your friends and family.

Tips for Best Utility:

  • Check both ends of the rope to prevent excessive wear
  • Do not swing back and forth substantially to avoid rope abrasion from the ends
  • Pay attention to personal safety during use
  • Delicately hand wash; Hooks to be stored in a dry place. Do not bleach


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