RealismLures Sinking Wobbler Fishing Lure

A Fisherman's secret weapon...


The RealismLures Sinking Wobbler Fishing Lure is special for its authentic swimming action and realistic 3D eyes.  It really looks like it's alive! 3D printed multi-color patterns of actual bait fish's jointed body equipped with treble hooks and lifelike diving action like an injured baitfish. These feature the ultimate fishing trick, a "CLICKING" swimming action. You won't believe your eyes. It really looks like it's alive.

"A fisherman's secret weapon..."



The secret is in the ball bearing "CLICKING" that attracts fish, along with the wobbling, diving, and realistic fish design. Fish hunt using their sense of sound and through vibrations in the water. These lures "CLICK" while they wobble back and forth to attract fish using their natural hunting behaviors against them. These truly are a "secret weapon" in fishing!


"The Only Lure You'll Ever Need!"

No more digging around with live bait. These premium lures are built with long lasting, durable and sustainable materials. These lures are suitable for Light Jigging for fishing Small Tuna, Kingfish, Snapper, Amberjack, Cobia, Coral Trout and a Massive Array of other Saltwater and Freshwater Fish Species. It's easy to catch larger fish when they strike the lure, making most catches easier. 

Made of a durable and eco-friendly materials which are odor-free and environmentally friendly. These lures offer you the best gear on your fishing trips to give you an edge in fishing.


Lure fishing is an addictive, sustainable, and cleaner way to enjoy the hobby of fishing, while these particular special lures give you the absolute EDGE in your tackle box.

Multiple colors available. Choose from the drop down menu.


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