Tomshoo Titanium Wood Fuel Stove

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Tomshoo Titanium Wood Fuel Stove

The Ultimate Adventure Stove.

This is the perfect backpacking and personal stove companion. The Tomshoo Titanium Wood Fuel Stove uses wood as an infinite fuel source so you can cook anytime, anywhere! This stove folds up conveniently into the size of a smartphone to easily fit in your backpack. Never miss an outdoor meal again with this convenient portable stove. This stove is made of ultra durable titanium and is built to last a lifetime. Plus it is ultra lightweight weighing in at under 8 ounces, you won't even notice it's there.

The stove is designed to use wood fuel giving you an infinite fuel source that uses branches and twigs to cook your meal. The stove can easily bring water to a boil in less than 5 minutes.

Folds up in seconds and stores away quickly to keep you going on your adventure. It's the perfect outdoor cooking companion.


This wood fueled stove is the ultimate stove for portability and convenience. It folds up completely flat meaning it can be stored virtually anywhere. This is easily the most compact stove you will ever find.

No mess, no cleanup!You won't need to worry about leaving trash around your camp. Keeping nature clean is an important part of responsible camping. Using natural burning fuels means there's no waste left behind.

Keeping your flames controlled with a stove is 100 times safer than leaving an open campfire flame. This is worry free campfire cooking.

This stove uses wood as an infinite fuel source so you can keep the fire going for as long as you need it. You will never worry about running out of wood.

How To Use

Remove all the pieces from the storage pouch and assemble the stove by interlocking the side panels and bottom grid together. Next, gather wood as your infinite fuel source. You can insert the branches halfway into the stove safely. Start the fire and allow your pan to heat up. Cook your meal and enjoy!

Don't forget to put out the fire when you are done. You can use water or dirt to safely extinguish a fire.