Walfos 500ML BPA Free Folding Water Bottle

Walfos 500ML BPA Free Folding Water Bottle

Incredible Folding Water Bottle!

This is one of the most unique water bottles you will ever find! The Walfos 500ML BPA Free Folding Water Bottle folds up to fit in your pocket and expands to hold 500ML of liquid. Designed to be usable with bicycle bottle holders. The unique BPA Free silicon prevents damage from drops and allows this water bottle to meet all safety standards.

Folding water bottles are extremely convenient! Imagine going on a hike and when you are done you can store your water bottle in your pocket! No more carrying around empty water bottles once you are done drinking.

Walfos uses REAL silicon in their products to provide only the highest quality water bottles you will find. The food grade silicon they use is the same they use for baby pacifiers, making it extremely safe.

Available in 4 great colors! Choose yours from the drop down menu.

Buy 2 for an additional 10% OFF each bottle!


This is the most portable water bottle you will ever own! Folds up to fit in your pocket for super convenient travel.

Designed to work with most bicycle bottle holders so you can use them on your next adventure.

This water bottle is made of food grade silicon (the same used in baby pacifiers) so it is extremely safe.

How To Use

You can fold this water bottle for ultra convenient storage. When the bottle is empty, curl the bottle from the bottom with the nozzle open. Once fully folded, close the nozzle to keep secure.

To unfold bottle, open the nozzle and unroll. Now it's ready for use!

This bottle is safe to use with hot beverages. Just make sure to keep it clean.


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